This class is for children aged between 3 – 5. Through structural exercises and imaginative play and an emotionally nurturing environment, children learn and  develop the following:

  • Social skills
  • To take instruction and work independently from a parent
  • To develop a sense of their own identity and personality and to comfortable and confident within themselves
  • Taking turns – concentration – group cooperation
  • Listening to and responding to music effectively
  • Counting music and developing a sense of rhythm
  • Introduction to ballet steps
  • Introduction to ballet vocabulary
  • Development of motor skills and balance
  • Awareness of space and stagecraft
  • Using imagination to move
  • Dancing to music
  • Using props
  • Experiencing performing on and off stage

Children are encouraged to dress up in their own ballet/fairy costumes when they come to class.

Children of this age group are encouraged to perform in our annual showcase and other in-house event, but it is not an essential requirement.