We believe that the best learning and training comes from experience. Our calendar is packed full of performance events both in and out of house. This include Theatre Productions, Awards Ceremonies, Festivals, Carnivals, Parades, Civilian Protests and Community and Charity Events.

As we don’t works towards grades or competitions participation in events is a mandatory part of curriculum and attendance is monitored throughout the year. Participation and rehearsals for these events are free of charge, and included in membership package.


The calendar below notes some ( but not all) of our annual events as well as some key focus educational weeks. * Calendar schedule subject to change*


Month In House Event Out of House Event
January Enrollment for new students
February Choreographers Week
March Mental Health Week Spring Carnival


April Fireworks Birthday Celebration
May Mental Health Week


Obon Festival

(Foyle Obon)

June Annual Theatre Production

Dance Fitness Week ( Dance Science)

July Summer Programme

Camping Trip

Pride Parade

(Belfast Pride)

August Summer Programme

Class Excursions


Pride Parade/Protest

(Foyle Pride)

Carnival of Colours


September Awards Ceremony

Enrollment for new students

October Mental Health Week Halloween Carnival


November Era Week (Dance History)
December Company Fundraiser

Christmas Party