Through a variety of programmes that run throughout the year, the Lindy Hop curriculum provides training and education in the following areas of study:

  • This class is an adult only class, aimed at beginner level.
  • Authentic Lindy hop/Swing dance styles
  • Competitive Lindyhop/Swing dance styles
  • Terminology and vocabulary of steps (individual and partner)
  • An understanding of cross referencing Lindy Hop with tap, Jazz and Hip Hop
  • Education in the history and origins of Lindy Hop
  • Education in the social/economical and cultural relevance of Lindy Hop and it’s development through the ages as well as the development of Lindy hop into other styles
  • A study of leading productions /significant performances.
  • A study of leading practitioners and influential artists.
  • Devising and choreology
  • Production and Design

In addition to these core areas lies the heart of the company ethos, ‘Let Your Colours Explode!’  Workshop participants are encouraged to discuss other ideas and areas if interest and what they want to get out of the curriculum. Due to the nature of creative education, workshop delivery is flexible, adaptable and always fun!