Grace Lily Wilson

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I came to fireworks as a shy 9 year old with no belief in myself and no formal training, but I had spirit, passion and dreams. Now 12 years old I have become so much stronger, not just physically on the outside but also inside, I believe in myself. I am no longer afraid to do what I love in front of others, or to express who I want to be.

One of my personal successes is becoming the dancer I am today because Nadine and Amber have shown me proper technique. They have taught me that with hard work, commitment and practice anything is possible and dreams can come true.

At every class I learn something new and always develop my dance technique. I have met some brilliant friends who along with Nadine and Amber encourage and support me. Even if you make a mistake no one will laugh or make fun of you whether you are a beginner or have been a long time at FDDTA.

I let my colours explode by being myself and dancing proudly with an amazing group of dancers I call my friends.