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Fees Breakdown:





Cost per class Classes per month Excess Total Price per month
Twinkle Toes £6.00 2 £2 £14
Dazzlers £7.00 4 £2.50 £32.50
Sparklers £7.50 8 £5 £65.00
Firecrackers £7.50 8 £5 £65.00
Acrobatics £6.00 2  £0.50 £12.50
Rockets £7.00 4 Drop in class, no monthly payment. £10 deposit to secure space





Cost per class Classes per month Excess Total Price per month
Twinkle Toes £6.50 4 £4 £30.00
Dazzlers £7.50 4 £5 £35.00
Sparklers £8.00 8 £6 £70
Firecrackers £8.00 8 £6 £70
Rockets £10 8 Drop in class,  no monthly payment £10 deposit to secure space


Pricing differences mainly due to varying costs of venues etc.

*Excess = aims to cover some event costs such as production staff, tech staff, venue hire, costumes, props, programme design and print etc. We obviously do not raise enough through our excess to cover these costs so we will kindly ask for voluntary donations through out the year is well.

  • Enrolment fee: There is a one off ( not yearly) enrolment fee for new students. This is to cover administration costs.
  • Rehearsals: Free (Approx 30/40 hours in the year)
  • Trips and excursions: Fees are at the lowest possible costs, and most staff will volunteer their time at these event to keep pricing low for you. No child will ever be left behind – if you cannot afford the cost of a trip we will fund raise or seek private sponsorship for you (anonymously). It’s all of us or none!
  • Uniform: We have no set uniform here. This is not only to keep your costs low, but also to allow for individual expression. Please see tab for further information how we can hep you. Company Merchandise is and optional purchase, not a requirement.
  • Summer Programmes: Optional participation, Variable costs.

There are no further hidden costs for dance training through out the year. We are so proud to be the most cost efficient multidisciplinary and non funded school in the country and producing an exceptional standard of quality training and results. We understand that one of the main barriers to high quality performing arts education is the socio – economic one. Keeping our costs as low as possible all year is one of our pillars of inclusion. We offer full and half scholarships to those who may need them as well as further financial support. We rely heavily on the kindness and compassion of others to help us do what we do. We have a great network of working theatre professionals who have a good understanding of our aims and objectives and who generously contribute their time and expertise, often in a voluntary capacity or at reduced fees. We also rely heavily on public and private sponsorship.

Fireworks DDTA operates but is not registered as a charity organisation. We are non-funded and proudly stand as the lowest cost multi-disciplinary school in the country. We have proven to produce the same quality results as more more capitalist enterprises that follow graded syllabus. We have a multitude of students who have gone on to professional level study at Conservatoires and Universities in dance, musical theatre, drama, and performing arts. Some of our alumni are working in the professional industry and still return to take classes with us, or deliver workshops when they are home.

See testimonials on the top tab for further evidence.